RARE is the urbanwear from the future and a brand of stylistic innovation, wheresport culture, functionality and design mix together to deliver a fashion forward clothing line that blends perfectly into the contemporary lifestyle of men and women interested in what is trending and in the now.

Destined to become a symbol within the high level sportswear fashion lines, RARE takes it’s main inspiration from the cycling world offering a line of technic, refined, practical and unique products. The brand’s DNA is one where functionality blends together with design.

The main goal is to developunderstandable and innovative pieces, designed to fit within the active day to day life of their target, and to the necessity of moving freely and confortabily around the city.

RARE is also about sustainability and eco life, a green perspective proyected into our future lifes.

RARE will be a perfect mix between cool and trendy pieces, and basics with a focus for details and fabrics; matching sport and lifestyle.

Keeping up with the latest trends will mantain alive the brand’s DNA of easiness, functionality and style from season to season, delivering like this high quality and unique products to the audiences.

RARE will introduce to the international market a total women’s – men´s look completed with a range of shoes, hats and accesories.

Another important focus will be on outerwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants with a purposse for creating a stylistic evolution of denim.

Innovative proposals within the field of graphics and prints will be present in the developing process of the collection.